Ecosystem in a Jar

The Ecosystem in a Jar is a great way to get started in aquaponics without requiring a large setup. The ecosystem is contained in a wide mouth, half-gallon (64 ounces or 1.9 liters), BPA free, all glass, Ball™ mason jar.

The Ecosystem in a Mason Jar contains:

  • Half-gallon Mason Jar
  • All Natural, pH safe, Aquarium Gravel
  • Common Pond Snails
  • 3D Printed Jar Lid Ring with Biodegradable PLA Plant-Based Plastic
  • Black 3″ Net Pot
  • Rock Wool Grow Medium

Just add water, plants or seeds, place in a sunny window, and grow!

There is very little maintenance involved once the ecosystem is set up. Add plain water as needed due to evaporation and plant growth. This ecosystem was designed to be self-sustaining, so it should mostly take care of itself.

Like nearly all ecosystems, this one is powered by sunlight and water. Once the jar is placed in a sunny window, the water and nutrients will grow algae. The snails and/or fish will eat the algae and excrete waste. The beneficial bacteria in the ecosystem converts the snail and/or fish waste in to plant nutrients. The plants use the nutrients, sunlight, and water to grow and clean the water. It is a complete circle of life the grows veggies or herbs!

Ecosystem in a Jar
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1Ecosystem in a Jar (Local Pickup Only - No Fish or Plant)$20.00
2Ecosystem in a Jar (Local Pickup Only - Includes Fish and Plant)$35.00
3Ecosystem in a Jar - 3D Printed Ring Only (Includes Priority Shipping)$10.00
4Ecosystem in a Jar - Net Pot & 3D Printed Ring Only (Local Pickup Only)$10.00
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