Shelfponics Kit by Garden Pool

Looking for a great way to have a vertical aquaponic garden of your own? We have great news for you. After working on Shelfponics for almost two years now, we have finally perfected a great commercial unit and are excited to offer Shelponics to the public!

The Shelfponics Kit features:

  • 6 shelves for vertical organic aquaponic growing
  • Electrical Timer
  • Air pump, 1/4″ clear tubing, & 8″ bubble stone
  • Water pump, tubing, & premium connectors
  • Printed Assembly Instructions
  • No Tools Required Assembly!

Just add the standard 10 gallon fish tank, your plants in your favorite grow medium, water, & fish (or hydroponic solution if you prefer).
Eat healthier and experience organic vertical aquaponic gardening in your own home!

Shelfponics in a box.  Just add a 10 gallon fish tank, grow medium, water, plants and fish!

Orders are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. The plastic shelving is 100% recyclable as part of our commitment to the future generations. The price includes FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S..

Shelfponics Kit by
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