Garden Pool started as one family’s backyard project and has evolved in to a movement. Garden Pool has over 1,200 local community volunteers in the Phoenix area and is expanding across the globe as a federally recognized 501(c)3 charitable organization.

The original family home in Mesa, AZ serves as the base of operations for the non-profit, Garden Pool. We provide volunteer opportunities here for many reasons:

  • increased research for more sustainable ways to grow food
  • more first-hand learning opportunities for students and volunteers at the GP Research Center
  • local hunger relief as food produced at the C.O.R.N. garden will be donated to the hungry
  • serve as an outlet for community service hours
  • extended teaching capabilities with more GP classes
  • provide more opportunities for you to be a part of the GP Team!

Look for exciting upcoming community volunteer projects at the GP Research Center, including the C.O.R.N. Garden and upcoming GP Library. GP plans to go to several countries including: Ghana, Morocco, & Haiti.

Monetary Donation

Garden Pool needs monetary donations to help Garden Pool help others. We are seeking tax-deductible charitable monetary donations to help us give back to the community. Here is a link to our letter of federal recognition as a charitable non-profit from the IRS. Please donate below to help GP do what we do best. Thank You!

Gifts in kind

Another way to support GP is through gifts of tangible personal property, or gifts in kind. When a gift relates to Our Mission, you may be eligible for a deduction equal to the full fair market value of the item.

Gifts-in-kind include:

GP Library books or seeds
Professional labor
Computer & office equipment
Gardening & construction supplies or tools
Facility or equipment rentals
Precious minerals
Livestock or fish
Real Estate
Security equipment

How are Gifts-in-Kind valued and accounted for?

  • Donors submit a form listing gifts and their value.
  • Donor will receive a thank you letter acknowledging the donation.
  • GP accounts for gifts-in-kind in their bookkeeping by assigning a value for what they would have had to pay for the materials or labor.
  • The donor is responsible for assigning a fair market value to the gift-in-kind for their own tax purposes.

For more information about ways to give gifts in kind, please contact us.

Amazon Wishlist

Help GP by donating what we need from Here is our Amazon Wishlist:

Amazon Smile

Shop on Amazon and Garden Pool will receive a donation through Amazon Smile. Click here to shop on Amazon Smile and help support GP.

Ebay for Charity

Through Ebay for Charity you can donate to Garden Pool when you purchase or sell products. Click here to set up your account.

Fry’s Food Stores

Shop at Arizona Fry’s Food Stores and help support Garden Pool. Click here to enroll in Fry’s Community Rewards.