30 Minute Outdoor Electrical Timer (120v/24H)

A view of the timer set to 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

Now you can own the same timers we use at the Garden Pool. We are pleased to offer our favorite indoor/outdoor electrical timer.

Westek’s TM11DOLB One-Outlet Outdoor Daily Timer allows you to control the power to your aquaponic garden up to 48 times per day. This efficient outdoor daily timer includes a clear rain-tight door that preserves the life of your timer while guarding against weather. It is perfect for 30 minute cycles, like we use at the Garden Pool.One-Outlet

Model: Westek TM11DOLB Outdoor Daily Timer with Grounded Outlet, black.

Timer Features:

  • Includes daily 24 ‘on/off’ settings (30 minute increments)
  • Features a rain-tight design
  • Non-removable pegs can’t be lost
  • This outdoor timer accepts a 3-prong grounded plug, making it compatible with aquaponic pumps, lighting, power strips, and more.
  • Suitable for Heavy-Duty Devices
  • Non-removable pegs that can’t be lost or destroyed.
  • Weather Protected for Extended Use
  • An innovative rain-tight cover protects the outlet from moisture. The clear cover acts as a window for seeing the timer wheel, and it also blocks out precipitation.
  • An included nine-inch power cord gives the timer range in your yard or garden.

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Indoor/Outdoor 30 Minute Electrical Timer
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