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Get The Best Prices on a fruit tree order in Arizona!
Plus, you get to Donate Fruit Trees for the Community.
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Click here for the PDF version of the FT4C Harvest Guide.
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The Fruit Tree 4 Community, or FT4C, is a program to strengthen the local community with the benefits of a bulk-order wholesale discount on a great assortment of fruit trees that were hand-picked to do well in our climate. The best part of the FT4C program is that with every order over 3 trees, we will donate 1 fruit tree and every order over 12, we will donate 5 fruit trees in your name to any of the participating local organization you choose, such as fire stations, schools, churches, community gardens, or any local 501(c)(3)!

After your order is processed, you will be prompted to select an organization to donate trees in your name. Here is a list of local participating groups to choose from:

Desert Sky Montessori / Candeo Schools / Robinson Ranch / Desert Garden Montessori School / Mesa Community College Urban Horticulture Program / Arcosanti / Campo Urbano Harvest of Hope Community Garden / Mesa Urban Garden / Phoenix Zoo / Barn Buddies 4H Club / Garden of Eatin’ Community Garden / Academia del Pueblo / Saint Apkar Armenian Apostolic Church / Sri Venkata Krishna Kshetra / Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat / Ahwatukee Community Garden Project / Montessori Education Center
Add Your Local Organization +

No guess work with these varieties, they are all proven producers in the valley. Don’t worry about chill hours or root stock either, we have selected the correct trees for your success, and they are mostly all self fruitful. But if you really love a particular fruit, such as apples, select several different varieties that ripen at different times and not only will each tree produce a heavier crop, but you will lengthen your harvest. Imagine, you could be eating apples from your own trees from early June to late October. Even if you don’t have a lot of room, don’t worry, fruit trees can be planted close together or even plant another similar fruit in the same hole. It is a proven method, called backyard orchard culture. Start planning your backyard orchard today.

Here are 7 price groups to choose from:








Here are additional fruit tree categories:

The bulk order will be delivered to the Garden Pool which is near the 101 & 202 in NW Mesa. You will receive an order confirmation with the pickup address after your order, but here is a map of the location of the Garden Pool in Mesa:

Garden Pool can also deliver to your home! For an additional $25 we can deliver your order within 25 miles of the Garden Pool. All local non-profit recipients of donated fruit trees will receive complimentary delivery. Here is a delivery radius map:

Please contact us with any questions about delivery or any questions in general.

local delivery
Local Delivery within 25 miles from GP
Product Options
1Local Delivery (Optional)$25.00
2Fruit Tree Planting (Includes Local Delivery within 25 miles from GP)$75.00
3Fruit Tree Placement$75.00
Shipping Rate:
Order Local Delivery within 25 miles from GP

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