Indian Curry Leaf Plant

The essence of West Indian and Sri Lankan Cooking

The leaves are highly valued as seasoning in west-coast Indian and Sri Lankan cooking, especially curries. Often fried in oil along with chopped onions in the early stages of preparation. Also used to make thoran, vada, rasam and kadhi. Leaves from the curry tree can be used in many other dishes to add flavor.

Curry leaf trees are easy to grow and adapt well to many climates. Can be grown in sun or part shade, and even container grown on a patio or green house, and even indoors by a sunny warm window. In the landscape they can grow to about 12-15 feet tall and larger, but usually kept smaller when pruned regularly to harvest leaves.

Outdoor in zone 9 or higher. Regular deep watering yield best results. Sun or part shade. Protect from frost.

Organically grown plants, shipped in 2″x2″x10″ propagation sleeve. Plants size varies from 3-8″. We always ship the largest plants in stock.

Free shipping in the continental U.S. only. No international shipping.

1 gallon sleeve curry leaf plant
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