Garden Pool in Haiti

We are believers that improving methods of growing food can improve entire communities. Some communities can use extra help. Garden Pool teamed up with Naturopaths Without Borders and built a Garden Pool in Haiti!

A pallet with supplies bound for Haiti gets loaded on a truck to ship from Garden Pool in Mesa, Arizona.

We feel that Garden Pool Haiti will not only provide fresh electricity, food and medicinal herbs year round for the sick, but it will also teach others how to replicate the GP system and help spread the knowledge to many areas. We will also be bringing new GP water sterilization technology to Haiti.

Garden Pool taught the GP Certification course in Creole and English to the folks in Haiti this February-March 2014. A dozen local Haitians received the GP certification, including several agronomists.

We appreciate the support and donations we have received from the community, local businesses, and corporations.

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