Barbed Connectors (1/2″, 3/4″, & 1″)

Barbed elbows, tees, connectors, and barbed to MPT (Male Pipe Thread)

Find all the barbed fittings you need for plumbing your setup with barbed tees, elbows, connectors, hose clamps, and more!

We offer premium fittings for 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″ flexi-tubing sizes.

Local pickup available with $50 minimum purchase.

Barbed Connectors Local Pickup
Product Options
11/2" Elbow Local Pickup$0.50
21/2" Tee Local Pickup$0.50
31/2" Connector Local Pickup$0.50
41/2" Hose Clamp Local Pickup$0.50
51/2" Barbed to 1/2" MPT Local Pickup$0.50
61" Connectors Local Pickup$3.00
71" Elbow Local PIckup$4.00
81" Tee Local Pickup$5.00
91" Hose Clamp Local PIckup$1.50
103/4" Elbow Local Pickup$1.00
113/4" Tee Local Pickup$1.00
123/4" Connector Local Pickup$1.00
133/4" Hose Clamp Local PIckup$1.00
143/4" Barbed to 1/2" MPT Local Pickup$1.00
Shipping Rate:
Order Barbed Connectors Local Pickup
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