Duckweed (Lemna minor)

Duckweed is easy to grow and is a nutritious snack for water fowl, poultry, and fish

It is only $5 for an order of duckweed to add to your pond, aquarium, or garden pool.

One order includes 1/4 cup of moist duckweed.

How to grow duckweed in a pond

  1. Choose a pond in full sun with slow moving or still water, that already contains fish, preferable koi, goldfish or carp, and other aquatic plants.
  2. To help the duckweed become established, fill a plastic bucket with water from the pond around 6″in depth. Float the duckweed in the bucket. You can partially submerge the bucket in the pond, just make sure fish cannot enter the bucket.
  3. Add pond water or nutrients as necessary to keep the bucket at least half full of water. It will take 3 to 7 days for the duckweed to multiply in ideal conditions.
  4. When the duckweed has completely blanketed the water in the bucket, use a fish net or plastic scoop to gently transfer most of the duckweed from the bucket to the pond. Leave a few duckweed plants in the bucket to continue to grow and multiple just in case the duckweed in the pond is eaten by fish.
  5. Continue growing duckweed in the bucket and transferring into the pond until you have sufficient duckweed growing in the pond.

How to grow duckweed in an aquarium

  1. Float several duckweed plants on the surface of an aquarium that contains fish or water that has had fish in it. You can leave aeration systems in place.
  2. Place a cover with lights (any type of light will work) on top of the aquarium.
  3. Feed your fish as normal. In 3 to 7 days the duckweed will begin to cover the surface of the water.

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Local pickup available with $50 minimum purchase.

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