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Looking for a great way to have a vertical aquaponic garden of your own? We have great news for you. After working on Shelfponics for almost two years now, we have finally perfected a great commercial unit and are excited to offer Shelponics to the public!

Shelfponics is a great vertical way to grow organic aquaponic food. The Shelfponics Kit has about a 4.5 square foot footprint, yet yields around 13.5 square feet of grow area, 10 gallons to raise fish (or hydroponic solution), and a shelf to store growing supplies.

The Shelfponics Kit features:

  • 6 shelves for vertical organic aquaponic growing
  • Electrical Timer
  • Air pump, 1/4″ clear tubing, & 12″ bubble stone
  • Water pump, tubing, & premium connectors
  • Shelfponics comprehensive color printed Instruction Manual
  • No Tools Required Assembly!

Imagine having your own Shelfponics Kit loaded with FRESH Oraganic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce.

Just add the standard 10 gallon fish tank, your plants in your favorite grow medium, water, & fish (or hydroponic solution if you prefer).
Eat healthier and experience organic vertical aquaponic gardening in your own home!

Shelfponics in a box.  Just add a 10 gallon fish tank, grow medium, water, plants and fish!

Orders are shipped in 100% recyclable packaging. The plastic shelving is 100% recyclable as part of our commitment to the future generations. The price includes FREE Shipping within the Continental U.S..

Shelfponics Kit by
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