GP Store

Welcome to the GP Store!  All amounts include FREE Shipping. We only ship within the U.S.. We thank you for patronage and support!

Water Sterilizers

Pre-order the GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer!

GP Gear

Get official Garden Pool gear right here!

Pond Plants

Floating pond plants for your ecosystem!


The right mix of critters for your ecosystem!

Aquaponic Supplies

We are honored to offer Aquaponic Supplies to help you with your setup!


Give your aquaponics system a jump start or grow to full harvest in aeroponics or hydroponics with these natural nutrient solutions.

Air Stones & Pumps

Provide plenty of aeration for your setup!

Submersible Pumps

Provide plenty of power for your setup!

Sump Pumps

Provide extra power for your larger setups!


Irrigate your setup with flexi-tubing and everything else you will need!

Electrical Timers

Save energy and maximize production with indoor/outdoor electrical timers for your setup!

Greenhouse Accessories

Find what you need for your greenhouse.

Testing Meters

Keep an electronic eye on your system with these hand-picked testing meters.


Take care of your plants with these high-quality pruners.


Start great plants from seed!

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