AquaVita™ 396 Water Pump

These high quality pumps are perfect for anything from aquariums to hydroponic systems. The bearing, ceramic shaft, and sturdy construction ensure durability and reliability and the attached suction cup feet prevent it from sliding or moving. AquaVita pumps feature an environmentally friendly, oil free, high magnetic rotor for maximum power and a pre-installed removable foam filter which protects the impeller from damage by stray particles. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. UL listed.

Included fittings: 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ outlet only

All models feature a 10’ grounded power cord. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. UL listed.

Gallons Per Hour: 396
Maximum Height: 5.74 ft
Watts: 20W

AquaVita™ 396 Water Pump
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1AquaVita™ 396 Water Pump$30.00
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