The Garden Pool Team

These are the core ideals that shape what we do as a team at Garden Pool.

The Garden Pool Team consists of a group of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds. They all have one thing in common, a passion for growing food the GP way!

There are many other folks who have helped us in our journey and many more volunteers behind the scenes today. We have a local community with over 1,300 members. We meet locally for free classes, tours, volunteer projects, potlucks, food drives and strengthening the community. We also travel across the country and even overseas to volunteer to help build GP’s for families, churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations.

This group of non-profit volunteers helps make everything we do at the Garden Pool possible. Get to know some members of the Garden Pool Team:

Dennis McClung

Dennis is the founder, a designer, and a teacher at Garden Pool. Dennis invented the Garden Pool, wrote the book, developed and manages our web presence. Dennis has also designed several other Garden Pool systems, including the Fantasy Farm, and created many unique GP innovations, such as the 5 Gallon UV Sterilization Bucket. Dennis is the project manager of volunteer builds and is the course instructor for the GP Certified Designers. Dennis believes that sustainable food production helps improve entire communities. Dennis, a full-time volunteer, is the primary researcher and serves as the President and CEO of Garden Pool.

Danielle McClung

Danielle is our animal expert and helps with maintaining the Garden Pool. Danielle has lifelong experience in farming and as an animal caretaker. Danielle feels that growing food helps families bond and grow together. Danielle is the co-founder of Garden Pool, a volunteer, and is the Treasurer of the board.

Becky Knutson

Becky helps run local GP meetup events. Becky brings beautiful images of what we do at Garden Pool as she is also the primary photographer and videographer for Garden Pool. Becky has a large garden, backyard chickens, and a citrus orchard. She is passionate about sustainable and healthy living. Becky volunteers countless hours to help Garden Pool do what we do. Becky serves as Secretary on Garden Pool’s board.

Erin Gerston

Erin volunteers at GP events and even gives local tours of her beautiful and inspiring GP system complete with tilapia and hens! Erin is a certified Garden Pool Designer, an excellent gardener, and deeply cares about a manifesting a better future for tomorrow. Erin is a board member of Garden Pool and a Certified GP Designer.

Paula Diehm

Paula volunteers countless hours at Garden Pool events, shipping, and operational support. Paula enjoys making an impact in her community and living a healthier lifestyle. Paula is a Garden Pool Certified Designer, Seed Librarian, and a board member of Garden Pool.

Want to join us as a volunteer and help make a difference? Click here for more info.