Dedicated GP volunteers get this cool Garden Pool T-shirt!

Do you live near NW Mesa, Arizona or Downtown Phoenix?

Do you want to do amazing things and help Garden Pool help others?

Garden Pool is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Thanks to your support, Garden Pool has evolved from an empty swimming pool into a movement.

We are always looking for individuals and groups who are interested in helping Garden Pool, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We meet many requirements for interns from colleges and universities through our internship program at Garden Pool. GP also helps folks in the community with non-violent court-ordered community service volunteer hours from city, juvenile or justice courts through Maricopa County Courts on a case by case basis at Garden Pool.

Our goal as a non-profit is to both innovate and educate the public with agricultural and horticultural knowledge and skills. In short, we want to learn, create, teach, and support better ways to grow food in our community!

How can you help?

Here is what Garden Pool needs:

  • Fantasy Farm Volunteer – Get a hands on experience farming in downtown Phoenix’s most beautiful historic area. Volunteer at the Fantasy Farm.
  • GP Volunteer – Help us build to improve our community. Get a hands on experience farming in the C.O.R.N. Garden at Garden Pool.
  • GP Seed Librarian – Help the local community have access to seeds every at participating Seed Libraries by Garden Pool.
  • GP Meetup Volunteer – Attend various classes and events for free and help us get the events ready, set up, sign-in attendees, take pictures, and more.

Standard Volunteer Hours of Availability are Mon – Fri 8 AM – Noon

Are you in? Use the application below and we will contact you shortly via email. We appreciate the help and support!

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