GP Coco Bricks – Coconut Coir Grow Medium

One coco brick (right) expands up to 4 times it's original compressed size! This is the perfect sustainable grow medium.

Our quest for a sustainable grow medium has finally led us to ground brown coconut coir. This amazing grow medium is free of bacteria and fungus to help give plants an extra head start in the germination process. The 4.5 – 5 kg (10 – 11 lbs) bricks are compressed and will expand to four times their original size. Just add water. This is premium horticulture grade!

GP Coco Bricks are perfect for:

  • Aquaponic or Hydroponic Grow Medium
  • Seed Starting Mix
  • Mulch for trees
  • Cactus and Succulents Medium
  • Mushroom Grow Medium
  • Soil Amendment to help increase drainage
5 kg GP Coco Bricks
Product Options
15 kg GP Coco Brick - Priority Ship$25.00
Shipping Rate:
Order 5 kg GP Coco Bricks 5 kg GP Coco Brick - Priority Ship @ $25.00
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