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Black Soldier Flies in the Garden Pool

Black Soldier Fly in the GP

A Black Soldier Fly resting on a tilapia fingerling aquarium in the Garden Pool.

Black Soldier Flies are a huge part of the Garden Pool permaculture system. The wasp-looking fly does not pester us like the common house fly does. The BSF accomplishes 3 main things:

  1. Feeds our fish and hens – The BSF larvae is sold commercially as a calcium-rich and nutritious protein source.
  2. Composts GP waste – Fish fillet scraps and left over vegetation is converted in to a great compost in no time.
  3. Repels house flies – The annoying house fly is no longer a problem in the Garden Pool since we have the BSF. The house fly stays away from the pheromones of the BSF. The BSF composter does not have a bad smell at all.

Once you have a well-established colony of BSF larvae going, you will have a very productive and self-harvesting feed system going. There is a great commercial unit available out there.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larvae inside our home-made BSF harvester.

Here is our BSF Automatic Chicken Feeder. Our 8 hens can eat at the same time with this unit. The portability makes it easy to go between the chicken coup and the compost pile. Click image to enlarge.

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