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The Garden Pool Team can teach a variety of private classes for you to learn firsthand.

Imagine learning in a private class at the Garden Pool. Well, there is no need to imagine. Just book a Private GP Class available 7 days a week by appointment! All classes are also available live on Skype if you can’t make it here in person.

Learning firsthand is the best way to gain the skills to take home and use in your own garden. What better place to learn than the Garden Pool.

The Garden Pool is located at the private home of Dennis and Danielle McClung, the inventors of the GP System, in NW Mesa, Arizona near the 101 & 202. We offer a variety of great private classes at our home that are great for gardeners, families, students, meetup groups, schools, churches, FFA, 4-H, or anyone interested in growing your own organic food.

Attendees are encouraged to take pictures and get a hands on experience. A seated classroom setting and and refreshments are provided. There is a maximum attendance of 30 people. Private GP Classes last approximately 1 hour.

Instructional Class List

Here is a list of the private classes we offer at The Garden Pool:

  • Aeroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquaponics the GP way
  • Backyard Orchard Planning
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting
  • Create, Use & Store Solar Electricity
  • Creating a Pond
  • Dairy Goats in the City
  • Duckweed & Pond Plants
  • Egg-Laying Chickens in the City
  • Garden Pool Maintenance
  • GP Climate Control & Plumbing
  • Gray Water Recycling
  • Growing Tropical Fruit Trees
  • Harvest & Store Rain Water
  • Moringa
  • Seed Starting
  • SketchUp Design
  • Super Foods You Can Grow
  • Vertical Aquaponics

Kids Classes
We are also happy to offer the following classes for kids:

  • Container Gardening K-6th grade
  • Life on the Farm K-6th grade
  • Container Gardening 4-12th grade
  • Backyard Ecosystem Science 7-12th grade

Book a Private Garden Pool Class

Contact Danielle: danielle [at] for more information and to book a private class or call GP at 480-532-5821.

If you are looking for a private GP tour go here:

We look forward to having you at The Garden Pool!

Private GP Class
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1Private GP Class (within 25 miles of GP)$150.00
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Order Private GP Class Private GP Class (within 25 miles of GP) @ $150.00