• PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA

Garden Pool is building a new type of community garden! The Community Outreach for Research and Nutrition Garden, or C.O.R.N. Garden for short, will serve as a primary research tool of Garden Pool, produce nutritious food for local hunger relief efforts, and serve as a place for folks to volunteer with Garden Pool. We hope to gain and share valuable research data for upcoming GP projects in the Sahara Desert, West Africa, and Haiti in an open-source fashion with our partners at Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition, or GODAN.

10/18/14 - A.S.U. students volunteer with Garden Pool to help build an adobe berm to help eliminate soil erosion.

The C.O.R.N. Garden, a volunteer community garden, is located in Mesa, Arizona at The Garden Pool. The first stage of the garden was installing anĀ 12″ tall adobe berm to prevent soil erosion and to level the land.

Once the adobe berm was cured, loads of composted soil was hauled in to level the yard and add organic matter. The soil was composted onsite with the help of the GP goats.

1/3/15 - Installing a picket fence for the garden.

The C.O.R.N. Garden is surrounded by a hand-made picket fence. A half-dozen Garden Pool volunteers installed 110′ of picket fence in a day. The fence will help keep the garden safe and help break strong gusts of wind. Our first generous donation received for this project was from the Wal-Mart Foundation to build the fence and get things started.

This innovative community garden uses rainwater harvested on site to fill the tilapia pond using gravity. The pond water is carried to the raised beds with a small pump. The raised beds are plumbed so that the pond water returns to the pond after irrigating the plants. The plants are grown in coconut coir, a recycled and reusable soilless grow medium, or other innovative grow mediums.

We have also built an experimental “food pyramid” that combines aeroponics and aquaponics. The pyramid was designed and built by students from Arizona State University.

Thank you to Health For Life Arizona for donating pallets, gardening equipment, and hydroponic supplies! Thanks to Whole Foods Market Tempe for donating money via a 5% day. Thanks to Home Depot Store #485 for donating plenty of soil and compost!

A big thank you to all of the volunteers and generous donors for making this unique community garden happen! Watch the C.O.R.N. Garden build video below!