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Garden Pool to open 1 seed library every month of 2017 in the Valley of the Sun

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Public Seed Libraries by Garden Pool

$ 0 Needed Donation

SeedsGarden Pool is expanding our seed library program. This program provides every library cardholder with a variety of seasonal and climate-appropriate seeds, as well as the educational tools to successfully grow them.

We need your help to expand this program, bringing seed libraries to 12 public libraries in Maricopa and Pinal County. This will allow 4 million library card-holders to have access to free seeds, gardening classes, and the empowerment of self-sustainability.

Garden Pool expects to deliver between 50,000 and 100,000 packs of seeds in 2017.

Here’s what your donations will help us achieve:

-Seed libraries in 12 public libraries ($750 each)

-Constructing custom units for each seed library

-Continuously stocking the seed library with in-season, climate-appropriate seeds

-Providing the materials necessary for the seed library: informational cards, seed packets, etc.

-Providing classes between all locations to help the public get their gardens growing

-General maintenance and upkeep of the seed libraries

Visit Garden Pool’s Seed Library website for more information.

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