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The Climate Smart Farm built in Barbuda during hurricane recovery efforts.

Garden Pool has combined years of designing and building sustainable food systems to develop the Climate Smart Farm. This easy-to-scale and modular design combines vertical farming, advanced propagation techniques, and Garden Pool’s closed-loop ecosystem to create a farm that, when compared to conventional agriculture practices, drastically reduces the effects of climate change, uses 98% less water, and can increase yields 10 – 18 times. The Climate Smart Farm, or CSF, produces freshwater fish and can also be easily integrated to raise poultry. Being a closed-loop system, there is no need for external fertilizers for the agricultural crops or to buy feed for the fish as the fertilizer and feed is produced in the system itself using the Garden Pool method of creating a balanced ecosystem. This ecosystem recycles harvested rainwater in ponds with fish and the right blend of algae and pond plants.  The nutrient enriched water is cycled through the areas that the crops are grown and returned to the pond. This recycling of nutrient water in a soil-less greenhouse with a vertical layout significantly reduces the need for outside input into the system after the initial setup process. Since each CSF is scalable and modular, the needs of each individual user of a CSF can be met, increasing the adaptability and resilience of local agricultural systems to shocks such as extreme weather events and natural disasters. For example, if a hurricane or tropical storm was known to be approaching, the CSF could be easily disassembled and stored safely away, protecting the system as well as the vitality of the agricultural crops currently being produced. Each CSF can be built using recycled local materials, and training is provided in order for local citizens to be able to maintain and replicate the system over time.


Download the Climate Smart Farm Training Module materials:

CSF Guide – PDF

CSF Questionnaire – PDF

CSF Dictionary & Glossary – PDF