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Goat Milking Hand Pump

We were looking for a way to milk our goat more efficiently than using the hand and bucket method when we stumbled on a home made goat milking machine. The hand powered device uses an automotive tool, a hand vacuum pump that is used to vacuum brake lines.  The device is easy to make and costs less than $35 in parts. Our goat loves being milked by it and it is easy to clean and sterilize. Here is how we made it:

This piece connects Faucet or Garden Hose to 1/4" tubing. It also comes with a washer and screen.


  • Automotive Hand Vacuum Pump
  • 4 feet of clear 1/4″ aquarium tubing
  • 3/4″ FHT with Screen x 1/4″ Compression
  • 3/4″ MHT x 3/4″ PVC Slip
  • Mason Jar

Tools Required

  • Hammer
  • Nail Set & Punch


  1. Screw the two plumbing pieces together.

  2. Using your hammer and nail set, poke two holes that are slightly smaller than the air tubing. Cut the tubing in to two 2' sections and pull one end from both pieces in to the mason jar lid as shown.

  3. Attach one air tubing to the plumbing pieces and the other to the hand pump.

Instructional Video