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  • 659 E Main Street, Suite F, Mesa, AZ 85201

Black Friday at Garden Pool

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Garden Pool is ready for the public for the first time at our brand new store in downtown Mesa, AZ!  Find great deals on our most popular products and services, support your favorite charity, and see what all the buzz is about on Main Street.

Find the best deals on our most popular products including 5 Gallon Aeroponics Kits and BSF Composting Bins. Be the first to see the newest innovations from Garden Pool, including Shelfponics with lights and the 5 Gallon DWC Kits!

We will also have big deals on tours and consultations to get your own GP system designed for you.

Garden Pool HQ is located at the end of the light rail off of Main Street in Downtown Mesa, AZ.

Here is a list of the big deals:

  • 10% OFF NEW Shelfponics with Lights
  • 10% OFF NEW 5 Gallon DWC Kits
  • 10% OFF 5 Gallon Aeroponics Kits
  • 10% OFF Black Soldier Fly Composting Bin
  • 10% OFF Nutrients
  • 10% OFF Submersible Water Pumps
  • 15% OFF Timers
  • 20% OFF Private Garden Pool Tours
  • 20% OFF GP Consultation
  • FREE Duckweed & Azolla with purchase over $50
  • FREE Garden Pool bumper sticker with every purchase!

Enter in person to win a 5 Gallon Deluxe Aeroponics Kit!

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