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  • April 5, 2017 07:00 am - April 12, 2017 07:00 am
  • Destino del Reino, Honduras

Garden Pool Honduras

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Garden Pool is excited to announce that we have plans to head to Central America to the beautiful country of Honduras! Our team will be working with a large orphanage with 350 children in the heart of the mountains to build GP systems with the intention to create a more sustainable food system for the community.

Currently, food supply within the village is unstable. People are living in poverty and could use more nutrition. The communities require new systems, skills, and tools to enable a more sustainable way of growing food, and in turn create a better quality of life for all. Sustainable agriculture practices could improve the quality and yield of the food they grow.

Ultimately, the purpose of Garden Pool Honduras is to:

Produce and supply enough safe and nutritious food for the orphan population of 350 children, reduce poverty and improve health, create employment for families, reduce waste of natural resources, provide education and useful life skills, and create community development and growth.

Join the GP Honduras Certification Course

In addition to helping the orphans in Honduras, you can become a certified Garden Pool designer by signing up for the all expenses paid GP Honduras Certification Course.  The itinerary is as follows:

Friday, March 17th

• Night 1 – We will fly overnight from Phoenix to Houston together.

Saturday, March 18th

• Day 1 – We will fly together from Houston into San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Dennis will greet you at the airport in Honduras and we will travel to our lodging.

• Night 2 – We will get settled in to our lodging.

Sunday, March 19th

• Day 2 – We will travel to the village Yoro in the morning to begin work on the Aquaponics system during the day.

• Night 3 – Begin classwork in the evening.

Monday, March 20th

• Day 3 –  Return to the site in the morning to continue work during the day.

• Night 4 – Finish classwork in the evening.

Tuesday, March 21st

• Day 4 –  Return to the site in the morning and finish the Aquaponics system.

• Night 5 – Rest.

Wednesday, March 22nd

• Day 5 – Day at the Beach in Honduras!

• Night 6 – We will pack up and rest.

Thursday, March 23rd

• Day 6 – We will travel to the airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and fly to Houston.

• Night 7 – Return to Phoenix!

This is an all-expense-paid trip (travel, lodging, & food), but bring the following:

• Clothes & Toiletries

• Passport

• Bug Repellent

• Beach Towel

• Cash for souvenirs!

• Traveler’s Checklist

• Bring $75 Cash for traveler’s visa

• Donations for Orphans (optional)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (480) 532-5821.


The current all-inclusive rate is $2300, however we do offer discounts:

  • GP Interns: $2000
  • GP Designer alumni: $2000
  • Couples (2 people): $4000

Please continue to check back to this page for updates on our upcoming project! We appreciate your support!

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