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Garden Pool Malpasse, Haiti

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Garden Pool is returning to Haiti (See our last trip here: https://gardenpool.org/garden-pool-in-haiti) for an amazing humanitarian project; building an aquaponic farm and a rain catchment system for a makeshift refugee island with over 150 stateless families, including 300 children!

We will be travelling to a small island on the Haitian side of the border near Jimani, Dominican Republic. The inhabitants of the island have no fresh water sources other than having fresh water shipped to them via ferry. There is no food security and these folks could really use our help!

A view of the small island on the Haitian side of the border with the Dominican Republic near Jimani.

For a look at the challenges the refugees in Malpasse, Haiti face, watch this eye-opening dispatch from VICE News:

Here are some pictures from the small island on the border in Haiti:

A large-scale self-sustaining Garden Pool could improve the daily lives of hundreds of folks! It could provide food to eat, solar electricity for lighting at night, and solar ovens to cook with instead of charcoal, and even harvest fresh water and sterilized safe to drink with GP’s own water sterilization technology!

The ultimate goal is to transform the island to have enough food for the inhabitants and a surplus to sell at the market. We hope to grow superfoods like moringa to bring nutrition and a sustainable economy to the island!

The GP Team can do it with your help! Please travel with us or donate below so we can help the folks of Malpasse, Haiti. We can have the opportunity to improve the daily lives of hundreds of refugees!

Join Us!

Sign up to travel with The GP Team here: http://www.meetup.com/GardenPool-org/events/229244443/

Raised so far:

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Please Donate:

All donations from the link below will go directly to the Garden Pool Malpasse, Haiti project! The more donations we receive, the more we can do.


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