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Commercial GP Design

3-Step Process

Commercial Garden Pool Design

Commercial GP Design

Do you want an original Garden Pool design for your business?  Would you like the GP Team to design it for you?  We can do that and much more! There are only 3 steps to take to make it happen:

STEP 1: Consultation & 3D Design

      • The GP Team meets at your build site for a couple hours to discuss your needs and expectations.
      • GP Designers can custom design a suitable GP system just for you using Google Map geolocation and SketchUp.
      • Design can include 3D and 2D graphics.

STEP 2: Line-Item Material List

      • A materials with everything you need to know to build your system will be provided.

At this point, you can either take what you have and build the system yourself, or you move on to step 3 and hire a GP Project Manager to come out and supervise the build.


STEP 3: Project Management

      • An experienced GP Project Manager will come out and supervise the progress of the build.
      • Also, once you are a GP system owner, we will help you operate and maintain your GP system even after installation. We want your system to succeed, so we offer FREE email support. We are always here for you if you need advice.
      • We can provide all the supplies you need to get started.
      • Is your project outside the Phoenix Metropolitan Area? We can come to your build site or Skype.

Contact the Garden Pool Team or call 480-532-5821 for more details.