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Water Sanitation


Water Sanitation

Water Sanitation Services

Dennis of invented an innovative approach to water sterilization in 2013. Garden Pool is now producing the GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices. Garden Pool plans to implement bases and water sanitation services for any other nation, city or state.

UV Sterilization Bucket

The bucket is operated by a solar charged lithium battery, which can sterilize 45 gallons before needing to be recharged. The UV Bulb is projected to last 7,000 hours and the device has the potential to sterilize more than 112,000 gallons of water before changing bulbs! The only input associated with the process will be the power to operate the extruder, shredder, and spooler within the tent. The system completely eliminates PET plastic waste from the site, provides clean drinking water, and can be used as a portable power station to charge cell phones and laptops for enhanced communication. The GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer attaches to a standard 5 gallon bucket, then is able to sterilize 5 gallons of drinking water in 15 minutes without chemicals. Garden Pool is taking a holistic approach to finding solutions to the water, sanitation, and hygiene issues the world is currently facing. Garden Pool wants to provide the public with a sustainable technology, and educate the people about hygiene in general. The organization is willing to offer best practices to local businesses, and educate the public through apps, videos, and brochures.