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How to Grow Duckweed and Azolla

If you know Garden Pool, then you know we love Duckweed! This amazing plant is important to our system and now we would like to teach you how to grow duckweed for yourself.

We have also introduced another floating pond plant, Azolla. We want to teach you to grow it.

In this class you will learn a few easy and affordable methods for beginners in duckweed and azolla growing.

The basics of duckweed and azolla. What is so special about these tiny plants and the difference between them.

How to grow duckweed and azolla to suit your needs

How to take care of your duckweed and azolla in the off-season

How to Grow Duckweed and Azolla Video

Class: How to Grow Duckweed and Azolla
Recorded LIVE
When: June 14th, 2014
Where: The Garden Pool in Mesa, AZ
Length: 40 minutes
This class was recorded live in a classroom setting. To be a part of our classes in person, join our meetup group.

Buy Duckweed and Azolla

Click Here to get duckweed.
Click Here to get azolla.

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