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Cooking With The Sun

Sun Oven
Cooking with a Sun Oven at the Garden Pool.

As 2010 comes to an end, we look back at our first full year at the Garden Pool. We were fortunate to have had quite a few visitors at the Garden Pool in 2010. One of our more intriguing guests was none other than SUN OVENS International’s President Paul Munsen. Paul stopped by to demonstrate the Global Sun Oven to our group of 40 or so Garden Pool visitors. We were all amazed to learn what a sun oven can do. Being that our family is on a path to self-sufficiency, we thought it would be a good idea to get our hands on an oven and try it for ourselves. We finally got our Sun Oven and we have learned that cooking with the power of the sun is fun and easy to do. Here is a video with Paul Munsen showing how the Sun Oven works.

One of our favorite things to cook with the Sun Oven has been sun dried tomatoes. We have had plenty of cherry tomatoes growing in the Garden Pool lately so we put the Sun Oven to the test.

Step 1. Harvest and wash the cherry tomatoes.
Step 2. Cut cherry tomatoes in half.
Step 3. Place in preheated Sun Oven. Make sure to keep Sun Oven unlatched to let the moisture escape.
Step 4. Cook tomatoes in the Sun Oven for several hours until desired dryness is reached.
Step 5. Enjoy!

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