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Fruit Trees For Community – FT4C

Fruit Trees For Community


Benefits The Entire Community

Fruit Trees improve the community in more ways than providing beautiful blossoms and delicious fruit. Fruit trees are carbon sinks and help reduce the heat island effect. Planting trees has also been shown to reduce crime rates and increase property value.

Wholesale Prices

The FT4C program is one of the largest distributors of fruit trees in Arizona. This high volume is achieved by a non-profit group buy-in. Ordering hundreds of high-quality fruit trees without the local nursery markup has proven very successful.

Incredible Selection

There are over 75 varieties of fruit, nut, berry, and tropical fruit trees to pick from. This makes harvesting fruit all year a reality with the harvest calendar feature to plan your personal orchard.

Fruit Trees For Community, or FT4C, is a program to strengthen the local community with the benefits of a bulk-order wholesale discount on a great assortment of berry, grape, and fruit trees that were hand-picked to do well in our climate.

The best part of the FT4C program is that with every order over 3 trees, we will donate 1 fruit tree and every order over 12, we will donate 5 fruit trees in your name to any of the local participating organization you choose. To date, Garden Pool has donated hundreds of fruit trees to the community.

Visit the Fruit Trees For Community website to learn more: https://ft4c.org/

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