• PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA
  • PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA


Global Outreach

Global Outreach


Revolutionary Form of Sustainable Agriculture

Garden Pool wants to partner with your country to open an international branch that will make your nation the beacon of sustainability. We want to bring to you a climate smart agricultural system, innovations, agriculture capacity development as well as sustainable agriculture. 

Diversity & Commerce

We will help expand the diversity of foods in your country, thus increasing the nutrition available, making it accessible and useable to all. We want to give your farmers more variety and amplify food supplies, thus leading to an increase in farmer's commerce. 

Ongoing Education and Collaboration

Partnering with your country requires an office close to your ministry and in return we will provide you the education for your local citizens to make your country a sustainable food sanctuary. We will also set up a study abroad program in your nation where students from all over the world will come to study and learn about what your nation has to offer!

Global Outreach

Our primary mission at Garden Pool is empowering others and bringing our sustainable methods of agriculture worldwide.  We strive to innovate, create, educate, and support better ways to grow food!

Garden Pool has a track record of using innovations for positive global impact. As an internationally recognized NGO for sustainable development, Garden Pool has access to partnerships with over 40 developing countries. Hands-on work is one of Garden Pool’s strongest attributes and our dedication is evident through project initiatives in places like refugee camps, schools, and hurricane ravaged regions.

The systems, methods, and technology Garden Pool creates have the power to turn the game upside down and transcend traditional agricultural methods.  Two liters of water a day per person is sufficient for drinking purposes, but it takes about 3,000 liters of water to produce the daily food needs of a person.  Garden Pool’s breakthrough system uses 98% less water, greatly eliminating the strain agriculture has on the environment.

Garden Pool is passionate about transcending futurism, instead building a tangible reality anywhere there is an opportunity for impact.  With certification curriculum in a multitude of languages, Garden Pool is able to build systems and ensure proper education overseas.

If you want to partner with us to lead your city/country to a sustainable future, click the link below to be sent to our contact page.


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