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Private Classes and Workshops

Private Garden Pool Classes



From kindergarteners to adult learners, all are welcome.


Students will find our classes engaging.


Garden Pool will bring all the materials.

Private Classes

Instructional Class List

Instructional classes last one hour: 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q&A.  All classes include printed curriculum and a powerpoint presentation.



Never been good at magic?  Try your hand at growing food from thin air after the Garden Pool team demystifies aeroponics.


Get your feet wet in aquaponics.  Garden Pool will guide you through growing greens and fish.

Backyard Composting

Learn how to create nutrient-rich compost your garden will love in the comfort of your own backyard.

Backyard Ecosystem Science

Learn how to influence and shape the ecosystem in your backyard.

Backyard Orchard Planning

Imagine picking your own fresh fruit year round in a miniature, urban oasis.  Now you can with the Backyard Orchard Planning class.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting

Black soldier flies: the super fast composting secret earthworms don’t want you to know.

Coconut Coir

Did you know there is an all natural, recycled material that can serve as a soilless grow medium, seed start mix, soil amendment, vermicomposting mix, and mulch?

Create, Use & Store Solar Electricity

Solar power debunked.  The Garden Pool team will teach you

Creating a Pond

Learn how to create a self-sustaining pond filled with fish, pond snails, and beautiful water plants.

Dairy Goats in the City

Fed up with making milk runs to the grocery store?  Make milk runs to your backyard instead and learn the ins and outs of owning dairy goats in urban environments.

Duckweed & Pond Plants

Learn all about floating and edgewater pond plants to beautify your backyard pond.

Egg-Laying Chickens & Ducks in the City

See what the buzz is about.  Learn how to keep egg-laying chickens and ducks in your backyard.

Garden Pollinators

Butterflies and hummingbirds, and bees, oh my!  Learn how pollinators keep your garden happy.

Garden Pool Maintenance

Learn how to maintain and care for your own thriving Garden Pool system.

Gray Water Recycling

Have you ever wanted to shred your water bills?  Slash them instead by learning to implement gray water recycling in your home.

Growing Tropical Fruit Trees

Did you know you can grow bananas in your backyard?  Learn how to grow delicious tropical fruit trees in the sunbelt and warm climates.

How to Grow Moringa

Moringa is the most nutritious plant on the planet.  Learn how to grow your own moringa trees from seed to harvest.

Life on the Farm

Whether you’re visiting the Garden Pool or we’re bringing the barnyard animals to you, students will learn all about life on the farm. (Very kid-friendly)

Rain, Dew & Frost Water Harvesting

You may have heard you can harvest and store thousands of gallons from your rooftop, but did you know you can capture dew and frost as well?

Seed Saving

Imagine never running out of free food!  Create your own unlimited food supply by learning the ancient art of seed saving.

Seed Starting

Cut out the nursery middleman and learn how to grow your own plants from seed.  Skip the starter plants and learn the art of starting seeds.

Super Foods You Can Grow

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s super foods, in your own garden!

Vertical Aquaponics (Shelfponics)

Have you always wanted to grow your own food but never had a good place to garden? Solve that problem by learning vertical aquaponics.

Custom Classes

Have something specific in mind? We’ll work with you to custom design a private class.  Contact us for more information.

Class Series

We can design a multi-class series to fit your program needs.  Contact us for more information.



Hands-On Workshop List

Garden Pool’s fun, engaging, and activity-packed workshops last one hour: 15 minutes of introduction and 45 minutes completing the activity.  All supplies are included and participants get to take home their projects!


All About Goji Berries (January – April)

Learn how to plant, grow and harvest goji berries.  Attendees will take home a small, potted goji plant.

All About Moringa (March – August)

Moringa is the most nutritious plant on the planet!  Learn how to plant, grow and harvest moringa.  Attendees will receive their own moringa plants to take home and recipes to try in the kitchen.

All About Sweet Potatoes (April – June)

Become an expert on sweet potatoes, from the garden to the plate.  Attendees will take home recipes to try at home and sweet potato cuttings to grow in their garden.

Container Gardening

Create a small potted garden, soil, container, and seeds included. Just add water!

Ecosystem in a Jar

Create your own self-sustaining ecosystem powered by a fish.  Fish, jars, and plants, fish food and decorative rocks provided.

Fruit Tree Grafting (January and February)

Learn how to graft different types of fruit trees together.  Attendees will take home (non-citrus) scion.

3D Printing

Learn how to design and 3D print your own customized souvenir.


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