• PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA
  • PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA


Public Seed Libraries

Public Seed Libraries


Strengthening Food Security

Public access to garden seeds enable the public to grow their own free food and helps to eliminate Food Deserts.

Increasing Genetic Diversity

Public Seed Libraries help bring back genetic diversity lost in local food by providing regional availability to unique seasonal heirloom varieties.

Hands-On Education

Providing the public with garden seeds is a great educational tool to learn the lost art of growing nutritious food.

Garden Pool is providing the public with free
access to high-quality heirloom garden seeds at over a dozen participating public libraries. Since 2017, we have provided free garden seed access to over 4 million residents in Arizona and California. GP is committed to bringing Public Seed Libraries across the globe! We feel that food security is a universal right.


Learn more about the Seed Library program by Garden Pool here: https://seedlibrary.info/



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