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University Partnerships

University Partnerships



Interns work on a local project, global project, and are trained in the design program SketchUp, where they learn tangible skills that last a lifetime. Garden Pool aims to create a model system that is easily replicable globally and open to any user. 

Student Chapters

Student chapters were first established to explore best practices for sustainable food production. Now they do so much more ranging from hunger relief to international humanitarian trips.

Research & Education

Garden Pool has the capability to consult universities with their research because of our specific expertise. GP is willing and able to help in any capacity with university research studies. Custom Garden Pool systems can be installed to augment research facilities.

Garden Pool has been fortunate enough to develop long-lasting, and meaningful relationships across the globe. Currently, Garden Pool has an ongoing partnership with universities around the world Garden Pool has interns from universities that work on a local project, global project, and are trained in new programs such as SketchUp, drone technology, plus virtual reality. Garden Pool is creating model systems that are easy to scale and replicate globally and open to any user. 

Not only does Garden Pool give interns the opportunity to directly participate on impactful projects, they have student chapters established at Arizona State University. Garden Pool ASU is a Student Organization whose mission is dedicated to researching and educating sustainable ways to grow food, to provide local hunger relief, replenish garden seeds to GP Seed Libraries, help others build sustainable food systems, and international humanitarian trips to disadvantaged communities. Potential travel destinations include: Ghana, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Morocco. GP ASU’s Student Organization members get to vote choose where they travel!

Currently, GP is opening bases in different countries to begin a study abroad program. Dennis of Garden Pool regularly gives guest lecture talks at Universities.

Garden Pool continues to be excited about establishing more university partnerships around the world!

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