**REFURBISHED** Grow1 Wireless Weather Station with sensor


The Grow1 Wireless Weather Station + Sensor is the perfect system to help keep track of the temperature and humidity in multiple grow rooms or greenhouses. The station comes with 1 sensor, but can pair with up to 3, each with a wireless range of up to 165 feet. Additional sensors may be purchased separately (Garden Pool product #301015). This weather station displays the date and time, the current moon phase, a weather trend indicator, temperature, humidity, electronic forecast, and the indoor comfort level. It also features an Alarm and Snooze function.

Case Quantity = 20

ATTENTION. There are now 2 versions of weather stations. Grow1 and GROW1. Notice the “W” in the second version. NOTE: Grow1 sensors DO NOT WORK with GROW1 weather stations.

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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 1.00 × 10.30 × 10.30 in