Platinium 100 Series HydroStar 18L & 25L Pots


For your BIG plans! This system is equipped for large scale growing, pick from two sizes.






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The Platinium HydroStar BigPot system is now available in extra large (18L and 25L pots). Platinium Hydro-Star BIG POT systems come fully equipped, including a reservoir, pump, tubing kit, tray, pots, and lid for easy access to your nutrient solution. Bigger pots = Bigger roots…Bigger roots = Bigger Fruits!

18L Pots $374.95 (First Photo)

Measurements 38.5”x38.5”x18″,
Reservoir 23gal
Pots dimensions: 12”x12”x10.8″,
Pots Sizes: 4.75gal/18L
Number of sites: 6

SKU: 651018

25L Pots $384.95 (Second Photo)

Measurements 38.5”x38.5”x19″,
Reservoir 23gal
Pots dimensions: 13.2”x13.2”x11.8″,
Pots Sizes: 6.60gal/25L
Number of sites: 6

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 41.00 × 41.00 × 14.00 in