• PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA
  • PO Box 25079, Tempe, AZ 85285 USA
Platinium 100 Series Pyramid 1
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Platinium 100 Series Pyramid


Everything you will need to grow 100 healthy plants!

















SKU: 651080

Product Description

100% Modular and 100% AWESOME! Equipped with everything you will need to grow 100 healthy plants! PLATINIUM HYDROPONICS new Pyramid system is the next level of simplicity and efficiency. These 100% self contained units include everything needed to successfully grow healthy plants. On the frontier of design, PLATINIUM Systems save space and offer user friendly features including, universal bases, interchangeable accessories, easy fill reservoirs with removable lids, and come equipped with a pump as well as all tubing and 360 degree sprayers needed for a complete setup. This system, with its 12 rotary sprayers and pump, will efficiently and consistently deliver nutrients to your plant roots keeping them growing to their full potential. The Pyramid system utilizes the same footprint as the rest of the Platinium 100 Series line, allowing a maximum of harvest in a small area.

2.75” neoprene inserts included.

Measurements 38.5”x38.5”x39.5”





Additional Information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 41.00 × 41.00 × 14.00 in
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