VersaGrow Pot 10 Plant System w/ Pump


Dirt-free grow system perfect for indoor gardening.
















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Our redesigned VersaGrow system is the perfect tool for indoor gardening. Grow herbs, flowers or fresh vegetables all year long! Regardless of the growth method or media chosen, our VersaGrow hydroponic systems is the ideal tool to obtain a fast and rich harvest.
Advantages :
Very affordable price
Made of sturdy and resistant recycled plastic
Amazing, high-quality results
Easy to use and maintain
Space-saving, compact design
Most effective system on the market
No green thumbs or gardening experience needed

Size: 40.75” long x 15.25” high – Pot: 3.4L (0.9 gal)

10 planter pots
Submersible pump 264GPH/1000L
Access door for ease in watering
Water level indicator






Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 10.00 × 19.00 × 40.00 in