1000W Lil-GIANT Dimmable Ballast (120/240V)

This ballast offers efficiency and versatility at an affordable price! Using microprocessor technology similar to a home computer this ballast will auto detect and run both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulbs! Dimming settings are available at 100% 75% and 50% give you an edge on controlling heat and other environmental factors in your garden! While only drawing 4.6A at 240V and 9.3A at 120V this efficient ballast is also resin injected keeping the acoustic resonance and harmonic distortion to un-dectecable rates! Equipped with soft start technology this ballast does its job keeping your bulbs life as long as possible.

Led Status Indicator
– Green: Operating in normal manner
– Blink in .5 Seconds: Fan Failure
– Blink in 1 Second: Under or Over Voltage Protection
– Blink in 2 Seconds: Short Or Open Circuit Protection
– Blink in 3 Seconds: High Temperature Safety Protection

– Soft Start
– Dimming Settings at 100%, 75%, 50%
– End Of Lamp Life Protection
– Open Circuit Protection
– Ignition Failure Protection
– Thermal Protection