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STEM Garden Kit

The STEM Garden Kit includes everything a classroom needs to grow soilless hydroponic vegetables in every classroom!

The STEM Garden Kit is a special Garden Pool project to provide local Arizona charter, public, and large homeschool groups with a donated kit that contains everything needed to grow soilless vegetables via hydroponics in a classroom setting.

Garden Pool feels that growing food should be a part of every child’s education experience. We have assembled a great kit to teach students an exciting way to grow food. We are honored to offer this kit for your classroom!

The GP Team has put together a 4-part curriculum to teach:

  • Science of Hydroponics
  • Soilless Technology Vs. Soil
  • Engineering Better Ways to Grow
  • Mathematics for Improved Yields

The STEM Garden Kit was designed to give teachers a tool to teach students first-hand with accompanying curriculum for STEM education.

STEM Garden Kits have everything to grow, just add water and care! We appreciate the generous donation of hydroponic solution from Health for Life!
  • How to Grow Food
  • Seed-Saving Skills
  • Food Production Calculation
  • Water Chemistry
  • Sunlight Vs. Artificial Light

Are you a teacher at a local school?
Request a FREE STEM Garden Kit below and we will contact you when it is ready for local pickup.

Want to sponsor a school?
For $20 you can give a school a STEM Garden Kit in your name. Many students will benefit from your generous donation.

This valuable teaching tool (which would normally retail for over $75) comes with the following supplies:

  1. Food-grade 5 Gallon Bucket
  2. 8″ Net Pot Bucket Lid
  3. Coconut Coir Growing Medium
  4. 1/4″ Clear Flexi-Tubing & Air Flow Check Valve
  5. 4.25″ Round Air Stone w/Suction cups
  6. Air Pump (3.5 Watt, 3 Liter Per Minute)
  7. 1 Quart of Hydroponic Growing Solution (Concentrated) with 3D Printed Measuring Cup. Download, remix, and 3D print your own Measuring Cup with the SketchUp and 3D printing files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1025559
  8. Printed STEM Garden Kit Curriculum Guide
  9. Starter Garden Seeds (Want More FREE Seeds? Visit the Seed Library!)

Arizona Teachers: to download the STEM Garden Kit Curriculum Guide, click here.

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