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  • 659 E Main St, Suite 110, Mesa, AZ, USA 85203
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All prices include free shipping within the continuous 48 states.
No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S. territories.
No international shipping.
Adherence to individual state agricultural requirements regarding the importation of plants from out of state is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
We ship via USPS Priority Mail which has a typical 2-3 day delivery time frame. Priority mail is not guaranteed.
Plants will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday following your order to help insure quick, same week delivery.
In periods of extreme heat or cold at the departure city on the day of shipment  your plants may be held till the following week to insure the best conditions for shipment.
It is recommended that the purchaser consider weather forecast at the destination before ordering. Typically the USPS keeps packages indoors or in a temperature controlled environment from the point of shipment except when loading or unloading onto delivery vehicles or aircraft, or on the carrier vehicle used to deliver to the delivery address, however we nor the USPS guarantee that your package would not be exposed to extreme temperatures in route.

LIVE Plants Refund/Returns/Guarantee

No warranty, guarantee, refund, return or exchanges allowed for living plants. Plants are living things and require on going care, and therefore we make no guarantee as to your ability to successfully care for, nor the survivability of any plant we sell.
Plants are shipped healthy and we cannot make any guarantee as to the conditions they will be exposed to in route or the destination. Floating pond plants may have snails.
Purchasers will be notified when the plant is shipped and it is the recipients responsibility to be expecting the package and insure that someone will be home to immediately unpack and care for the plant upon its arrival, and for no reason should it ever be left outside upon delivery, especially if left in full sun and/or during extreme hot or cold conditions.

AquaVita Pump Guarantee and Returns

For the following products we offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty:
-AquaVita Air Pump
-AquaVita Commercial Air Pump
-AquaVita Sump Pump
-AquaVita Water Pump

You must ship the product back to Garden Pool prior to receiving your new product. Include a copy of your receipt in order for Garden Pool to process your return.

The shipping address for returning your AquaVita product is:
1605 W. 7th Place, Mesa AZ 85201

Shelfponics Refund/Returns/Guarantee

15 Day guarantee for craftsmanship of the Shelfponics Kit by GardenPool.org.
Every kit is hand made and tested prior to shipping. If in the event that a unit is defective due to craftsmanship, contact the Garden Pool Team immediately via our contact form. We will ship replacement parts as necessary.
If you simply no longer wish to own the Shelfponics Kit by GardenPool.org, we will accept returns and issue a refund (less a 50% restocking fee) if the package is factory sealed and the item is return shipped by you to the Garden Pool.

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