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GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer

The GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer was invented by Garden Pool’s Dennis McClung. His inspiration was the Garden Pool Haiti project to help provide clean water for the volunteers, patients and nearby residents in Haiti. Clean water is very important as Cholera has contaminated the local water sources at the GP Haiti site. This technology is intended for point-of-use, modular design, proven clinically effective, and easily replicable. UVC Germicidal Sterilization uses 20,000 times less energy than boiling water, is safe, leaves no taste, and uses no chemicals!

  • The GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer attaches to a standard 5 gallon bucket
  • Sterilizes 5 gallons of drinking water in 15 minutes without chemicals
  • Operates using a built-in lithium-ion power supply that is rechargeable
  • Can sterilize over 50 gallons of water before needing recharged
  • Recharge with built-in solar panels, 12 Volt DC power, or an 120 Volt AC adapter
  • Convenient power supply that can recharge cell phones, tablets, or USB powered device
  • Built-in LED lighting system to serve as a portable and sustainable lantern for low-light

We strongly encourage the use of the included high-flow 1 micron pre-filter to remove particles in the water before using this device. This device was primarily intended to sterilize clear, pre-filtered water only. Do not try to sterilize cloudy, turbid, or unclear water, it must be filtered first before uv sterilization. This device will not completely sterilize water if it has particles (clay, dirt, algae, etc.) suspended in the water.

UVC damages the DNA of viruses, bacteria, protazoa, and even parasites such as Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to typical chemical disinfectants. This mutation makes a bulge and the DNA molecule no longer functions properly. Powerful UVC photons normally don’t reach the surface of Earth from the Sun due to our protective ozone layer, although lightning produces UVC.

An x-ray view of the prototype for the GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer. The compact Ultraviolet Bulb sterilizes 5 gallons of pre-filtered water in 900 seconds!

The UV Bulb is projected to last 7,000 hours and the device has the potential to sterilize more than 112,000 gallons of water before changing bulbs!

  • 7,000 hours = 420,000 minutes
  • 4 gallons per 15 minutes = 112,000 gallons per 7,000 hours

With great power comes great responsibility. This unit uses UVC (short wave ultraviolet light) Germicidal Radiation and should be operated by trained persons only. Never look at the light bulb when lit and do not expose your skin to the light to safely use.

UPDATE: March 2014 – We are currently awaiting clinical laboratory testing before we move forward with this original GP project. Stay tuned for more details. For info and updates about the GP Haiti project, go here: https://gardenpool.org/garden-pool-in-haiti

UPDATE: July 2015 – We are pleased to have received the results from thorough laboratory testing. The GP 5 Gallon UV Water Sterilizer has been clinically proven to be effective when used as directed!! We would like to thank those who helped with the testing, including the world-renowned microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, GP Designer Powell Gammill, and the students and staff at the University of Arizona Department of Soil, Water, and, Environmental Science. Click here for a scientific analysis.

UPDATE: August 2015 – The production process is going as scheduled. We aim to ship the production quality units in Q1 2016!